Sunday, 28 December 2008

28 Dec: Day Ride to Melbourn and Saffron Walden

A glorious winter's day, quite cold but with sunshine almost all day. Geoff led us more or less directly to coffee in Melbourn via Shelfords, Newton and Fowlmere. We arrived at Phillimore's Garden Centre to discover that the coffee shop was closed until next weekend, so we went next door to the "Country Gardens" Garden Centre next door, which I prefer anyway because of the comfy sofas in the coffee shop.

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When we returned to our bikes Averil discovered she had a puncture. Ian and I set off on our own leaving everbody else to wait with Averil. We took a very pleasant route via Great and Little Chishill, Langley Lower and Upper Green, Duddenhoe End and Wendens Ambo to the Temeraire PH in Saffron Walden where we were joined by the other after a short while. For lunch I chose the excellent value £6.10 "Roast beef and a pint" combo.

After lunch we returned fairly directly to Cambridge via Audley End, Catmere End, Ickleton, Duxford, Whittlesford and the Shelfords (where we passed another member on his tricycle). I decided not to meet up with the afternoon ride at Scotsdale's but headed straight home via the DNA route. I was back home by 3.40pm, so no need for lights. 51 miles in total: an excellent winter's day's cycling.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

14 Dec: Christmas Lunch ride to Waresley and Bourn

Today was the day of the club's annual Christmas Lunch. There were about seven of us at Brookside at 9.30am. Tom led us west along the Coton footpath up to Hardwick where Mick and I became separated from the rest. Mick and I continued on our own via the old A428, Bourn, Caxton and Great Gransden to Waresley for coffee at the garden centre, where we met quite a few others but not the rest of the official ride.

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After coffee we headed back east to Bourn for a leisurely Christmas meal at the Golf Club, where we met the rest of the morning ride. Tom told me they had stopped for punctures, which took some time to fix and so he had cut short their ride and gone for coffee in Cambourne instead.

There must have been about 24 in total at lunch, which was entirely satisfactory and served by friendly and competent young staff.

After lunch I cycled carefully back to Cambridge. The total mileage was 34 miles: insufficient to burn off the effects of Christmas lunch but very respectable nontheless.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

7 Dec: Afternoon ride to Hauxton

Today was a perfect winter's day; cold but not too cold, and with bright sunshine all day. There were seven people on the afternoon ride. Jim took us south via the Shelfords, Whittlesford, Duxford and Ickleton. Then we continued south over Coploe Hill before turning west towards Chrishall Grange. Then back via Fowlmere and Newton to a typically splendid and convivial tea with John and Greta in Hauxton. There were about seventeen people at tea.

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Despite the day-long sunshine, patches of ice remained on a few minor roads in shaded areas, and two of us slipped over. Fortunately this occurred at very low speed and so I don't think anyone was hurt or anything damaged. Total mileage: 32 miles:

Sunday, 9 November 2008

9 Nov: Day ride to Balsham and Stradishall

I went out with the all-day ride today and enjoyed a mild and really quite sunny day. A leisurely coffee at Joseph's in Balsham was followed by an equally leisurely lunch at the Stradishall Cafe, after which we all made our way home.

It was breezy all day and we had a headwind most of the way home, but it didn't seem too much of a problem from my vantage point tucked in behind Geoff's rear wheel.

I was back home by 3.15pm. Total mileage 47 miles.

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Sunday, 2 November 2008

2 Nov: Afternoon ride to Hauxton for our AGM

We left Brookside at 2.15pm as usual and headed out of Cambridge along the Barton Road, following the cycle track until it ended at Barton. After riding through the village we turned left and continued to Haslingfield. Just after passing Haslingfield Church we turned right and engaged bottom gear for the notorious Chapel Hill, one of the biggest hills in the Cambridge area. After reaching the top we freewheeled back down the other side to Barrington, enjoying fine views to the south as we descended. We then continued through Shepreth and Meldreth to Melbourn, the furthest point of today's ride.

From Melbourn we rode on through Fowlmere, Thriplow, Newton and the edge of Whittlesford before turning north again for the final few miles through Little Shelford to Hauxton, where we stopped for refreshments in the Village Hall. Here we were served with a substantial tea, courtesy of some local members.

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After tea we held our 2008 AGM and then returned more or less directly back to Cambridge. (Return route not shown above). Total mileage 28 miles.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

19 Oct: Afternoon ride to West Wratting

This is the route taken by today's afternoon ride.

Tea was pre-booked for 5pm at the Chestnut Tree PH in West Wratting, where we met with people from the all-day ride.

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Total mileage: 43 miles.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

12 Oct: Afternoon ride to Litlington (again)

We had a good turnout for today's afternoon ride, with several new faces who were able to enjoy a fine ride in warm sunny weather.

After meeting at Brookside, Cambridge at 2.15pm I led the ride west through Comberton, Toft, Bourn and Caxton to Gamlingay. Then we turned south towards Cockayne Hatley using an off-road track for a mile or two. This led us through an area of woodland which looked beautiful in the autumn sunshine.

We continued through Wrestlingworth and the Mordens to arrive at the Crown PH in Litlington just before 5pm, where a pre-booked tea was waiting for us. This was our second visit here in a month.

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After tea we returned directly to Cambridge. Total distance: 44 miles.

Sunday, 31 August 2008

31 Aug: Afternoon ride to Litlington

Six people, including myself, turned up at Brookside, Cambridge at 2.15pm for this afternoon's ride.

The weather for the outward ride was warm and dry though it was overcast and threatened to rain at times. As usual, I had planned a route of about 30 miles. However we completed it more quickly than I had expected and so arrived at The Crown PH in Litlington about 20 minutes early for our pre-booked tea.

The all-day ride turned up in force about 15 minutes late, but fortunately there was plenty of food despite there being a total of 15 or 16 at tea in total. On the ride home it started to rain though it was never very heavy and eased off after a while.

It was good to see Shaun for the first time in several months; to celebrate
the occasion he had a puncture on the way home on Canteloupe Road, Haslingfield.

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Todal mileage: 44 miles.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

27 Jul: Afternoon ride to Eaton Socon

We started from Brookside, Cambridge at 2.15pm. Ian led us west out of Cambridge along the Coton Footpath to Coton and then via Madingley to Hardwick. We then followed the old A428 as far as the turn to Knapwell where we turned north to Knapwell and Connington.

Just beyond Connington, on the edge of Fenstanton, we turned west again towards Hilton and Graveley and continued on to Little Paxton and Hail Weston before turning south into Eaton Socon.

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In Riverside Park in Eaton Socon there is a cafe where we stopped for refreshments and sheltered from a short rainstorm. After the rain stopped we returned home to Cambridge along the B1046, arriving in central Cambridge at about 7pm.

The total distance was quite high for an afternoon ride, even in summer: an impressive 52 miles.

Sunday, 13 July 2008

13 Jul: Afternoon ride to Stetchworth

This afternoon's ride left Brookside, Cambrdge at 2.15pm and took the following route to Stetchworth where at 5pm we had a pre-booked tea at the Marquis of Granby PH.

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After tea we returned to Cambridge, arriving at about 6.30pm. Total mileage: 46 miles.