Sunday, 14 December 2008

14 Dec: Christmas Lunch ride to Waresley and Bourn

Today was the day of the club's annual Christmas Lunch. There were about seven of us at Brookside at 9.30am. Tom led us west along the Coton footpath up to Hardwick where Mick and I became separated from the rest. Mick and I continued on our own via the old A428, Bourn, Caxton and Great Gransden to Waresley for coffee at the garden centre, where we met quite a few others but not the rest of the official ride.

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After coffee we headed back east to Bourn for a leisurely Christmas meal at the Golf Club, where we met the rest of the morning ride. Tom told me they had stopped for punctures, which took some time to fix and so he had cut short their ride and gone for coffee in Cambourne instead.

There must have been about 24 in total at lunch, which was entirely satisfactory and served by friendly and competent young staff.

After lunch I cycled carefully back to Cambridge. The total mileage was 34 miles: insufficient to burn off the effects of Christmas lunch but very respectable nontheless.

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