Sunday, 31 May 2009

31 May: Afternoon ride to West Wratting

Gareth Rees writes: There were only six on the afternoon ride today. I don't know where the rest of you were; you missed a beautiful afternoon of blue skies and spectacular sunshine.

Mike Kenny led us out of town on the Jubilee cycle path to Bottisham, where we turned off onto the green lane (see photos) that cuts across the A14 and the A11 to the level crossing at Westley Bottom.

The lane was dry and sandy but very bumpy, with many rabbit holes to avoid. Then Dullingham, Woodditton, Kirtling Green, Little Thurlow, Carlton Green, arriving at the Chestnut Tree at West Wratting shortly after 17:00.

Photos by Gareth Rees. Licence: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA v2.0


  1. I was recovering from my 130 mile ride yesterday under, erm, clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine. :)

    I did think of coming out and treating it as a "recovery ride" but couldn't drag myself away from the tennis.

  2. Its Kenny not Kenney! As in Kenny Dalglish.

    Simon, did you win your tennis match?

  3. there were quite a number on the day ride, at least as far as lunch, about 15. Too hot to be out all day

  4. I'm sorry, Mike, that I spelled your name wrong.

    And apologies to everyone else: I didn't mean to imply that you were slacking.

  5. I've corrected the spelling of Mike's surname.