Sunday, 14 June 2009

14 June: Afternoon ride to Gamlingay

A fine warm day brought out seven riders for today's afternoon ride. Despite the tea stop being well to the west of Cambridge, Bob intriguingly led us south out of Cambridge, to Addenbrooke's and the DNA path to Great Shelford. From there we continued south through the Shelfords to Whittlesford and then by a pleasantly zig-zag route to Newton and Thriplow, where our direction swing round towards the west, first to Foxton (where we crossed the A10 at the level crossing) and then to Barrington. "Well, that's a devious way to avoid cyclng over Chapel Hill" remarked Simon.

It was warm and sunny, but still very comfortable for cycling with a slight crispness in the air keeping us cool as we rode along. It was only when we stopped that we noticed just how warm it was.

From Barrington we continued west to Orwell. Here, due to a slight misunderstanding on my part Simon and I separated from the main group, which crossed over the A603 and took an off-road route through some woodland on the edge of the Wimpole estate. Meanwhile I followed the road from Orwell to the main entrance to Wimpole, where we waited a few minutes for the main group to join us (see photos above and below).

Then through the grounds of Wimpole Hall itself to Croydon, where we climbed the very short Croydon Hill to East Hatley and Hatley St George. Somewhere along here Jacob led a breakaway party off-road, taking a short loop round the back of Hatley Park. Meanwhile the main party continued to Gamlingay, where we arrived at The Cock PH at about 4.45pm.

At tea we met George, Peter, Mike and a surprisingly large group from the day ride, most of whom didn't stay for tea. Despite this there were thirteen or fourteen at tea.

Afterwards we rode back directly to Cambridge via Longstowe, Toft (with the mandatory diversion via the church), Comberton and Barton. Total mileage: 46 miles.

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