Monday, 6 July 2009

5 July: Afternoon ride to Hare Street

Gareth Rees writes: There were seven riders at Brookside today, including two first-time riders with the club. With the day ride away in Northamptonshire, there was no pub booked for tea, so our destination was the Swan Café at Hare Street in Hertfordshire.

Since we had to get to the café before it closed, Mike Kenny took us on a direct route. No meandering down the DNA path for us today: instead, straight down the A10 to Harston, then the B1368 through Newton and Fowlmere, and then up Flowmere Road (as it's misspelled on Google Maps!) to Heydon and Great Chishill.

Then we turned onto the delightful lanes through Nuthampstead, Anstey and Great Hormead, arriving at the café at about 16:40, with plenty of time for tea and cake by the pond. Jacob and Mike Sleep joined us at the café having arrived by car.

Climbing towards Heydon.

After tea we split up: new rider Lawrence had to get back quickly so sprinted off on his own; Mike led Dave and Simon on a roundabout return journey through Great Chishill and Elmdon, while I led Alison and new rider Melanie on the shortest way home via the B1368.

Climbing up to the sky on the lanes near Nuthampstead.

A beautiful afternoon, with no sign of the rain promised by the Met Office. Total distance: 44 miles. I hope the new riders enjoyed themselves and come cycling with us again.

The relaxing garden of the Swan Café, Hare Street.

Photos by Gareth Rees. Licence: Creative Commons CC-BY-SA v2.0

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