Sunday, 24 January 2010

24 Jan: Afternoon ride to Abington

On a grey winter's day, four riders turned out for this afternoon's ride to Abington. Although it was dull and overcast there was no wind and it was not especially cold.

Peter H led us out Cambridge along Hills Road to Addenbrooke's, where we turned left for the gentle climb of Wort's Causeway over the Gogs to Fulbourn.

At Fulbourn we took the road to Great and Little Wilbraham and from there continued to Six Mile Bottom. At Six Mile Bottom we took the road towards Brinkley. This is another gentle climb, with nice views back towards Cambridge. At the cross-roads half-way up we turned right and rode along the edge of the hill on that nice little lane past the Woodland Cemetery to Weston Colville. On the outskirts of the village we stopped for Peter to check the map.

There was time for an extra loop via Weston Green and West Wratting before we rejoined the B1052 to Balsham.

We rode throgh Balsham and Peter looked out for the left turn that would lead us to Hildersham. However I was at the front and rather carelessly took the group left slightly too soon, onto the road to Linton instead.

After a few minutes we approached Linton. Jacob pointed out that we would need to go all the way round the Linton one-way system to get onto the road to Hildersham, and proposed we took a short-cut through the Chilford Hall vineyards instead.

The road through the Chilford Hall estate is private, but we decided that our excuse was that we were investigating the cafe. The cafe was closed, and the only people around were a few ramblers, but the sun had at last come out and it was very pleasant to ride past all the sculptures that decorate the vineyard, cafe and conference centre. Having reached the closed cafe we carried on along an empty, narrow, road which took us down to the Linton - Abington Road.

At Abington, with the sun still shining, we stopped for tea at the Comfort Cafe, where we all ordered tea and toasted teacakes.

After tea we returned to Cambridge via the footbridge over the A11 and the unsurfaced path to Babraham. This can be a challenge in the dark, but although the sun had now set there was enough residual light for us to be able to avoid getting stuck in a rut. At Babraham we rejoined the road and completed our journey home via Sawston, Stapleford, Great Shelford and the DNA path to Addenbrooke's. I was home by 5.45pm, after having ridden 37 miles.

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  1. I saw you as you were heading between the Wilbrahams and 6 Mile Bottom and waved as I passed in the opposite direction. I wasn't hanging about as I was on a training ride.

  2. Yes, we did recognise you as you sped past...

  3. Is that Mike Sleep on an upright? Does not compute!