Thursday, 11 March 2010

CTC conversion to a charity: more on the case against

At the 2010 AGM of CTC (the national organisation) there will be a vote on CTC Council's proposal for CTC to become a charity. The February/march issue of Cycle magazine featured arguments for and against.

CTC South-West London is leading the opposition to this change. Read their resolution opposing the change.

Last month we published an argument against conversion by former CTC National Councillor Mike Stapleton. You can read it here.

We've now received the following email from John Meudell, CTC National Councillor for the South East, also arguing against conversion.

John Meudell writes: I'm sending a copy of a brief document (CTC Charitable Status - The Case Against Unification - January 2010 (pdf)), prepared by myself and other anti-conversion councillors, giving not only a summary of the case against conversion, but also the advantages and benefits of the alternative, a tidied up version of the current linked company and charity.

A second document (CTC Charitable Status - The Case Against Unification - Impact on RtR - February 2010 (pdf)) provides a summary of specific points directly relating to Right to Ride, as there are few benefits (if any) in terms of CTC's campaigning activities and several potential disadvantages.

Finally, the Communications Plan (CTC Charity Coms Plan (pdf)), explains why most of you will only have seen pro-conversion documents.

This is an important decision, with ramifications for CTC members and volunteers as a whole, and not just RtR. And it also needs to be understood that, once a decision to convert is made, there is no possibility of restoring a non-charitable and independent CTC Club. For more detail on the case against conversion visit and make your vote count! John Meudell, CTC National Council

For the case in favour, see CTC conversion to a charity: the case in favour.

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