Monday, 28 June 2010

19-27 Jun - Cycling holiday in Provence (Part 1)

On Saturday 19th June, eleven members of Cambridge CTC travelled to France for a week of cycling in Provence.

We went there on the European Bike Express , which picked us up at South Mimms services, which is about three miles from Potters Bar railway station and is easily reached by NCR 13 (and with no need to cycle on busy roads).

Sunday 20th June: Orange - Buis les Barronies (35 miles)

After a night on the coach we were dropped off at 7am in Orange. We immediately stopped for breakfast at a Boulangerie nearby (I was amazed that it was open this early on a Sunday morning).

We then spent the most of the day cycling to our Hotel in Buis les Barronies, which we reached at about 3pm.

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Continued in Part 2

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