Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30 Jun: Evening ride to Horningsea

I had to work late this evening, so couldn't be at Brookside in time for the 7pm start of tonight's evening ride. However Gareth called and told me where the group was going, so when I was able to leave work at 7.10pm I sprinted eastwards out of Cambridge along the Jubilee Cycleway to catch up with Gareth, Cheryl and new rider John at the entrance to the Quy tunnel.

It was a hot, humid evening, and it seemed like a good opportunity for a bit of off-road exploration rather than an evening of high-speed training. So after cycling via Quy and Bottisham to Swaffham Bulbeck we took an off-road route alongside the north side of Swaffham Bulbeck Lode until we reached the new bridge from White Fen. This was my first time along this path: it's only a public footpath, and although it's not particularly uneven it was covered in long grass, making it difficult to see where to ride.

When we reached the bridge to White Fen we relaxed and followed this familiar route back to Lode. From there we followed the old railway line and a series of bridleways to Horningsea.

After a short distance along the main road we reached the Plough and Fleece in Horningsea, where we stopped for a relaxed drink. Afterward, John and I rode back to Cambridge whilst Cheryl and Gareth headed north to Waterbeach station. I was home by 10pm after having ridden 19 miles.

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