Wednesday, 9 June 2010

9 Jun: Evening ride to Fen Ditton

It had been raining all day, but when Simon phoned at 6.30pm I assured him that the rain was about to stop. So when we both arrived at Brookside at 7pm we were both disappointed to find that it was still raining steadily. We set off anyway, ready to cut the ride short if the weather didn't improve. For the first 45 minutes the weather didn't improve, but we carried on anyway. You know how it goes.

Our route this evening was a simple loop: East out of Cambridge to Quy, south-east to Six Mile Bottom, up the hill to Lark Hall and Wadloe Farm and then north past the woodland cemetery to Dullingham. Since it was not an evening for relaxed sightseeing we took the ride at a fair pace. As we climbed the hill to Lark Hall the rain eventually stopped and the sky brightened up a little, and it remained reasonably dry for the rest of the ride, apart for the huge puddles that lay along the road.

At Dullingham we turned north to Swaffham Bulbeck before returning to Cambridge via Bottisham and Quy. On the way we stopped for a couple of drinks at The Plough in Fen Ditton. Total mileage: 33 miles.

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