Thursday, 15 July 2010

14 Jul: Evening ride to Fulbourn

Damien Walsh writes: Three of us met for this evening's ride: Cheryl, Simon and myself. As I was aware there was no leader for the ride it was a joint effort. At lunch-time I planned a route that would be reasonable.

We set off from Brookside down Trumpington Road to Trumpington with rain clouds threatening. From there we headed to Grantchester. We then took the footpath to an off-road track through some fields to Haslingfield.

We then set off over Chapel Hill. As Cheryl and Simon were cycling together, I cycled ahead up the hill and down the other side in order to get a photograph of Cheryl and Simon descending. I started to get a little concerned after a minute or so as they had not appeared. I went back up the to see if there was a problem and discovered that Cheryl had had a problem with her gears resulting in her chain coming off. Simon stopped to help her fix her chain. We met at the top and then descended towards Barrington.

We went through Barrington and Shepreth and on to Fowlmere. The rain was still threatening although it had been a dry evening so far. We continued through Newton and on to Little Shelford and then Great Shelford. We stopped in Great Shelford to look at the map. Simon then went his own way from Great Shelford. Cheryl and I continued to Fulbourn. Half way between Great Shelford and Fulbourn the heavens opened and we had to stop to put on our waterproofs.

We got to Fulbourn by 9:15pm and found a nice pub called Baker's Arms by 9:20pm. After refreshments and a chat. We took the short route back to Cambridge through Cherry Hinton. I left Cheryl near the station at 10:15pm after cycling about 30 miles.

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