Sunday, 18 July 2010

18 Jul: Morning ride to St Neots

I arrived at Brookside at 9am to find only Jerry and Joseph waiting. After briefly wondering where everyone else was, we set off west out of Cambridge along the Coton Path to Coton and Madingley.

The weather was cloudy, and a steady breeze from the south meant that the temperature was warm rather than hot.

We continued to Dry Drayton and then Hardwick, where Joseph turned for home, leaving Jerry and I to continue on to St Neots. We took a northerly route via Elsworth, Yelling and Toseland to St Neots, where we stopped for coffee at the Ambience Cafe in the Riverside Park at about 11.15pm.

As I rode up to the cafe I was surprised to find ten CTC members sitting at a table outside, drinking coffee. So this is where everyone was!

After coffee I returned back to Cambridge with Jerry, leaving most of the remaining riders to carry on to lunch in Harold Country Park north of Bedford.

Jerry and I took a more southerly route back to Cambridge: essentially the B1046 all the way, except for a diversion via Caxton. In Abbotsley we discovered the "Scarecrow Festival", with ingeniously-dressed straw figures in front gardens all over the village.

I was back in Cambridge by about 1.20pm, having cycled about 48 miles.

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