Sunday, 25 July 2010

25 July: Day ride to Stradishall, Lavenham and West Wratting

Gareth writes: Tom led us on a fine ride today, taking in some beautiful countryside and many quiet lanes. There were six riders at the start at Brookside, and then at coffee we lost Greta but picked up Adrian and Geoff, making seven, which made today the best-attended day ride for quite a while.

It was a hot and humid day (though mercifully the sun was hidden in the clouds for much of it), so we were glad to make an extra stop at Clare for ice cream after lunch and before tea.

On the hill between Six Mile Bottom and Brinkley.

Approaching Hawkedon shortly after coffee.

In the yard at the back of the Guildhall in Lavenham is this decorative armillary sphere bearing a quotation from the Queen’s 1952 Christmas broadcast: “Many grave problems and difficulties confront us all, but with a new faith in the old and splendid beliefs given us by our forefathers, and the strength to venture beyond the safeties of the past, I know we shall be worthy of our duty.”

The market square at Lavenham.

Tom checks the map at a junction between Borley and Belchamp St Paul.

Between Belchamp St Paul and Ovington we passed under this net stretched across the road. It must be there to protect the road from something falling from the power lines passing directly overhead. But what?

From Brookside to Lavenham and back to Cambridge was about 80 miles, but I did an extra loop to Dry Drayton in the morning before the ride, and another loop to Waterbeach afterwards, to make it up to 100 miles for the day.

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  1. I thought the nets were put under power cables when they are working on them. At some point they will be lowered and the nets are there to prevent them from catching unsuspecting traffic!