Wednesday, 18 August 2010

18 Aug: Evening ride to Grantchester

Although the nights are beginning to draw in, the evening rides remain popular, and tonight we had our biggest turnout of the summer, with six rides turning up for this evening's ride to Haslingfield: regulars Cheryl, Daniel, Rob and Nigel, not-so-regular Simon and newcomer Neil.

We started the ride with a spin down Hills Road to try out the new cycle track alongside to A1307 to Wandlebury.

We didn't go all the way to Wandlebury, but instead turned right at Magog Down onto the road to Stapleford. From there we picked up our usual route through Great and Little Shelford to Whittlesford.

At Whittlesford we turned west to Newton. After a loop through Thriplow we turned towards Foxton where we crossed both the A10 and the railway. Although it was still light, this was the point at which we all turned on our bike lights. Then on to Barrington where we climbed over Chapel Hill to Haslingfield. From here it was just a few more miles to Barton and Grantchester.

We stopped for a drink at the Green Man in Grantchester. After a few minutes Peter R joined us, making a total of seven round the table.

After an enjoyable half hour's chat we returned to Cambridge via Newnham. I was home my 10.05pm, after having cycled 28 miles.

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