Wednesday, 15 September 2010

15 Sep: Evening ride to Fen Ditton

There were five riders at Brookside for this evening's ride: Cheryl, Miranda, Daniel, Rob and me. It was dull with just a hint of rain. Despite the earlier start we only had a limited amount of daylight left so I took a direct route east out of Cambridge, along Newmarket Road to Quy. There we turned onto the road to Six Mile Bottom. This is a long, straight road and Miranda set an impressive pace all the way.

When we reached Six Mile Bottom we stopped for a breather. We then followed the A1304 north for a short distance before turning right onto the track that leads to the level crossing at Westley Bottom. From here we continued up the hill to Dullingham. The weather was bright and the sun came out from behind the clouds as it dropped lower and lower in the sky.

From Dullingham I had intended to return to Cambridge via Swaffham Bulbeck but it was getting dark and begining to rain so when we reached the A1303 instead of crossing over we joined it and followed it all the way back to Quy. There was quite a headwind, and the rain increased in intensity so the journey back was a bit of a trudge.

By 8pm when we reached Fen Ditton it was raining quite hard. We stopped at The Plough for a quick drink but since we were quite wet we felt we deserved a longer stop and several of us ordered food.

After a very pleasant hour we emerged from the pub to discover that it was no longer raining and we returned to Cambridge. We were back in the city centre by 9.20pm after having cycled a useful 26 miles.

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  1. Yeah I had a feeling you would do that nice route and was extra keen to go on the ride, but then i saw the satellite picture and seen a rather nasty bit of rain heading our way :-(