Sunday, 10 October 2010

10 Oct: Afternoon ride to Litlington

Peter Hutchison writes:It was a glorious sunny, warm day – it felt like summer was giving us a bonus and I decided it was a shorts and short sleeves day! So it was not a surprise to find a good group assembled at Brookside. There were ten of us including Paul who had joined the CTC at the Cycle show a few days previously and had decided to get straight in and join a ride. Well done Paul!

I led us straight out of Cambridge along the Barton Road to Haslingfield, aided by a tailwind.

From there we turned up through the Eversdens and Bourn, and on through Caxton End towards the Gransdens. Julia went ahead a few times to take photos (I was glad of that, as I was more focussed on not losing anyone).

Caxton End claimed to be closed but wasn’t. There was just a trickle running across the road at the ford. After Little Gransden we turned south and briefly east, realising why we were making such good time as we briefly experienced the wind in our faces.

We had a great downhill from the Hatleys to Shingay and had time for an extra loop to Guilden Morden before tea.

Tea at the Crown was excellent and they managed to provide extra sandwiches and cakes to feed the 17 of us there – the afternoon 10, 4 from the day ride, plus George, Steve and Cheryl who had gone independently.

On the way back, Paul and I were a little slow to get away so we rode back just the two of us, and had a good chat. The sun was just setting as we came over Chapel Hill, and as we paused for a breather we were able to see a pinkish glow around almost 180 degrees of the skyline.

I arrived home at around 7.10pm, having cycled 48 miles. Peter Hutchison

Photos by Julia Hochbach.

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  1. Some great pics Julia - love the unusual angles & the flowers :-) Tina

  2. Thanks, Tina. It was such a lovely day - easy to take good pictures. And yes, the flowers at the pub were quite spectacular, given that it's October!