Monday, 18 October 2010

16 Oct: Saturday morning ride to Coton

Julia writes: There were 11 of us at Brookside for our final Saturday morning introductory ride of the year. This was a great turnout for this time of the year, given that it was quite cool. It was good to see our chairman George and three newcomers.

I had led the first Saturday ride of the year in March (report here), too, which was also a cold day, but bright and sunny throughout. This time we weren't quite so lucky with the weather, as the sunny periods were frequently interrupted by cloudy skies and rain showers.

We cycled along Grantchester Meadows to the village of Grantchester and then turned left onto the bridle way which led us to Barton. The trees in their autumn colours were lovely to look at, but I struggled a bit with the changing weather conditions, putting on my waterproof just before we reached Grantchester, just to take it off after a few minutes as we went along the bridle way in the sunshine.

In Barton, we turned left and went along the High Street towards Comberton. The undulating route to St Neots Road in conjunction with a headwind (and another stop to put on my waterproof again) strung the group out a bit. Once regrouped, given that it had turned wet and chilly once more, we decided to head straight down to the garden centre in Coton, rather than diverting through Madingley village.

By the time we arrived, in bright sunshine, it was almost midday and we were happy about a break with tea, coffee and cakes. Some even made this a proper lunch stop by ordering a more substantial meal.

While we were eating, a heavy shower passed over, so we got our timing just right! And we made it back to Cambridge along the Coton footpath without any further rain, too. Thanks to everyone who came along, and I am hoping that next year's Saturday morning rides will be just as popular. Julia Hochbach.

Photos by Julia Hochbach

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