Saturday, 2 October 2010

2 Oct: Saturday morning ride to Horningsea

Nigel writes: Today was lovely and sunny, so with heavy rain forecast for tomorrow, I decided to take join today's Saturday morning introductory ride to Horningsea. I arrived at Brookside a couple of minutes late to find quite a large group preparing to set off. In addition to today's leader, Eva, and regulars George, Clive and Bob, it was very nice to meet four newcomers who I had not met before.

Eva's route took us down to Midsummer Common and then along the south bank of the River Cam to Stourbridge Common where we crossed the river at the Green Dragon bridge. We then continued along the north bank all the way to Milton. Eva set a gentle pace, allowing us to chat sociably as we rode along.

There was some kind of rowing event taking place but we were able to get past without difficulty.

Just after Bait's Bite Lock (shown above) we turned left away from the river and into Milton Country Park, where Eva led us on a tour around the park. The paths around the lake pass are lined with trees and bushes, making it difficult to tell where you are, but Eva managed to foind our way back out again without difficulty.

After leaving the path we contintued north through Milton, across the A10 and on to Landbeach. There we turned onto the road to Waterbeack. After a short tour aroubnd northern Waterbeach we followed the main road east to the river and then south through Clayhithe to Horningsea, where we stopped for coffee and cakes at Norcutts Garden Centre.

After coffee I left the group. I ogled some bikes at Ben Hayward's new shop and then rode north onto the fens. Meanwhile Eva led the main group back to Cambridge via Fen Ditton and Ditton Meadows.

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