Monday, 22 November 2010

21 Nov: Afternoon ride to St Ives

Ian writes: I followed my Audax ride on Saturday with leading the Sunday afternoon ride the following day. On Saturday I had seen nothing but thick fog. Sunday, fortunately, was a different story: the fog had cleared, the rain stayed away and we had a very light breeze with sunny intervals.

Five other riders were a Brookside for the run to The River Café at St Ives for tea.

We headed out on the familiar path to Barton, Comberton then Bourn. There we took a right turn onto the quieter lanes leading up to the A14. There are a couple of trees hanging onto their leaves, but in general the scene is far more wintery compared to only a couple of weeks ago. The upside is now you get clear views over the fields through the leafless hedgerows. We say birds of prey on two occasions, small sparrow hawks I believe.

We made our way under the A14 using the underpass at Fenstanton and were soon on the outskirts of St Ives. This is the first time I’ve been this way and I was quite surprised by the pretty scene that greeted us as we approached the old bridge.

We stopped to admire the view from the bridge for a few minutes before stopping for tea in the River Café where two survivors from the day ride were re-fuelling.

The return home was via the guided bus way cycle track with the odd excursion around the flooded parts, which were still numerous at the St Ives end.

Brookside to Brookside, just over 37 miles. Ian Driver

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