Saturday, 27 November 2010

25 Nov: Thursday ride to Carlton and Kedington

Edward writes: Nine riders gathered at Greta's house on a very cold and unpleasant morning, each probably wishing the others had stayed at home. This was a particularly good turnout and we set off and made our way back through Great Shelford, over to the Gogs and up over the hill to Fulbourn.

From here it was to Great Wilbraham. (Geoff had previously cycled from here to Hauxton, so he got to know the road pretty well). Although it was very cold the wind was not too strong and didn't cause us any problems as we made our way to Six Mile Bottom, over the A11 and the railway and the long climb up to Brinkley.

The next village was Carlton where we stopped for coffee. This was kindly provided by Gwen and Malcolm along with a delicious chocolate and beetroot cake - what a good combination. It was also nice to feel warm again and when it was time to move on there was a distinct reluctance to leave the comforts of a warm house and get on the bikes again. However, that's what Thursdays are for so we braced ourselves and set off again, joined by Malcolm and Peter, making for Lt Thurlow and Gt Bradley, before arriving at our lunch stop at The Barnardiston Arms in Kedington.

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch and then it was time to make our way home. This was through Withersfield, West Wickham, where Averill had a puncture, but our expert repairmen fixed it in no time at all.

We were soon on our way again, through Balsham, Abington, Babraham and Sawston. What a pleasure to ride on the new cycleway between these last two villages! I recorded 47 miles. Edward Elmer

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