Thursday, 30 December 2010

30 Dec: Thursday ride to Waresley and Gamlingay

Edward writes: The Thursday group met again after what seemed like a long break, the last two rides having been cancelled because of the weather conditions. Seven of us gathered at Haslingfield Church and most seemed eager to get a ride in after the enforced inactivity, not to mention the Christmas celebrations. It's nice to report that we had one new rider today: welcome Daniel - we hope you enjoyed the ride enough to come again.

Greta led us off up to Barton, where we crossed the Wimpole road and went on to Comberton. Here we turned right and headed up the appropriately named Long Road to join the old St Neots road at Hardwick before heading back again down to Toft.

The weather, which started dull and overcast, showed no signs of improving, and in fact became even more unpleasant with murkiness all round us bringing with it a persistent chill factor. However, we pressed on and when we got to Bourn we were met by Edgar and John. Also Rupert arrived, having fixed his puncture - or was he just late out of bed? Now we were a group of ten and we carried on to Caxton Great Gransden and eventually to Waresley Garden Centre, a not unfamiliar coffee stop.

After coffee, and because we were so close to Gamlingay, our lunch stop, we did a loop round to Abbotsley and came back to Waresley and then heading off to Gamlingay and lunch at The Cock. At lunch we were joined by some more members who had been out riding independently, so we provided the pub with a good lunch time's takings.

At 1.45pm we left the pub to return home. Outside, the misty drizzle was even more heavy and our bikes were extremely damp. From Gamlingay we headed through the Hatleys and Croydon, Arrington, Orwell, Barrington and back to Haslingfield.

The official ride was 40 miles. Edward Elmer.

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