Thursday, 6 January 2011

6 Jan:Thursday ride to Shepreth

Edward writes: Another bleak day, but seven riders assembled at Greta's in Hauxton for the Thursday ride. Although not very pleasant it was nice to be free of ice and snow. We made our way from Hauxton through Little Shelford to Whittlesford before negotiating the always-busy A505 into Duxford.

In Duxford we passed by the former Ciba-Geigy site which is much reduced in size from its former self with several of the plants having been demolished.

Our next village was Ickleton and over Coploe Hill, where we made our usual stop to get together again and then off to Catmere End before descending via Chestnut Avenue to join the A1383 for the ride into Newport.

In Newport we stopped for Coffee, some going to Dorrington's and some going to the Nursery over the road. The weather had taken a turn for the worse with a steady drizzle to add to the cold, but soon after we restarted the rain did stop. We now headed through Wicken Bonhunt, Arkesden and Duddenhoe End: all delightful villages but the depressing weather did little for them. All will be so much brighter when we feel the warmth of the sun in the Spring.

Just before Chrishall Mike got what he thought was a puncture but turned out not to be so he was soon on the move again. Chrishall was followed by the descent to the A505 and onto Fowlmere and then briefly along the A10 to our lunch stop at the Cambridge Motel. This place is to be recommended: we had an extremely good lunch for £4.95 with very pleasant service.

During lunch we were joined by Mike Stapleton, Doug and Bob. At 2pm we left the Motel and most of us headed home. I went with Mike, Daniel and Greta back to Fowlmere and Newton. Greta and Daniel went the direct way back to Hauxton and Mike and I went back to Shelford via Whittlesford. As ever thanks to Greta for leading the ride. Edward Elmer

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