Monday, 14 February 2011

13 Feb: Afternoon ride to Waresley

Ian writes: With a weather forecast of strong winds, grey sky and a strong possibility of rain, I was delighted to see four other riders at Brookside for the afternoon adventure to Waresley Park Garden Centre.

The ride a couple of weeks ago had taken the direct route, so for variety, I opted for a longer route via Cambourne. We headed off past the Mill Pond and onto the Coton cycle path to take us out of town with the wind reasonably behind us and dry tarmac. We made good progress as we headed along the path of the old A428. We couldn’t help noticing the amount of snowdrops that had flowered. Signs of yellow were also appearing on the tops of daffodil stalks. The road here is a little dull on an overcast day, the plan was always to put a large loop in at the far end of the ride to see some different roads that we seldom get to cycle on.

We were at Cambourne in good time, so we turned right to begin a loop via Papworth Everard and onto Hilton. Here we turned left to head to Gravely. It was approaching Gravely that the full force of the wind really hit us, slowing the pace dramatically. You know the sort, pedalling downhill where you normally take a freewheel break.

We fought the wind pretty much all the way through Croxton and Abbotsley, even taking turns on the front to try to shield each other in places. To add to the joy, the rain now started but remained mercifully light. We arrived at tea about 15 minutes late with the slow pace, well and truly ready for one of their generous slices of cake. The Banoffee Pie certainly hit the spot for the ride back, I must admit, the “I don’t want to play this game anymore” wind had taken it out of me.

After tea, again wishing to avoid the runs of previous weeks, I took the group on the route via Gamlingay and Longstowe. From hear we are on the well trodden path to Bourne, Comberton and Barton to home.

When the battery packed up on the GPS near Trumpington, I was showing 43.9 miles. Ian Driver

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