Thursday, 3 February 2011

3 Feb: Thursday ride to Orwell

Edward Elmer writes: When we gathered at Greta's the weather was overcast and still quite cool. However, eight riders left Greta's and before we had got through Hauxton eight had become ten, which was another good turnout for this popular ride. We made our way towards Little Shelford and turned right into Newton Road, to go under the Motorway and then on to Newton. From here we headed towards Thriplow and took the long way through the village to take the road to Fowlmere.

The breeze was starting to get a little stronger, but it was mainly on our backs so did not cause too many problems. Going out of Fowlmere we did the usual dance with danger and crossed the A505. Luckily, today, it wasn't too busy. We then went to Chrisall Grange followed by the long climb heading towards Elmdon. Unfortunately, at some point on this climb, the chain on John's bike broke. Fortunately, Mike was on hand with a spare link to make the repair. Whilst the main group waited at the top and not knowing of the events down the hill, Bob got a puncture and once again Mike was on hand to offer assistance. It was decided that the main group should push on leaving Mike, John and Bob to catch-up at the coffee stop which was at Barkway Golf Club.

We arrived at Barkway via Heydon, and Shaftenhoe End, a particularly hilly route. At the coffee stop we were soon joined by Mike, John and Bob and also Doug was already there, making our group up to eleven.

After our break we rode into Barkway, turned left to go along the B1368, through Barley down to Flint Cross to go over the A505 again to head for Fowlmere, then down to the A10 and into Shepreth, turning right in the village to arrive at Orwell for lunch, where we found Tony, who had to start out late, was already eating his lunch!

From Barkway to Orwell we mostly rode in glorious sunshine, and what a difference it makes to the surrounding countryside. Let's hope we have more of this to look forward to as we get closer to springtime.

After lunch Greta made her way back to Hauxton whilst five of us decided on a loop over Barrington Hill, Harlton, the Eversdens, dropping Brian off as we went through, and on to Kingston before joining the B1046 to go back to Cambridge via Toft, Comberton and Barton. My mileage was 54 miles. Edward Elmer

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