Sunday, 27 March 2011

27 Mar: Afternoon ride to Ickleton

Gareth writes: It was a cold day, cold enough for woolly hat and thick gloves, and there was a turnout of six. Bob Billingham led us over Chapel Hill to Haslingfield, then through Barrington, Foxton and Fowlmere to Thriplow, where thousands of people had gathered for the daffodil weekend. The village loop was closed to all traffic, so we skirted it to the south and peeped at the displays of daffodils.

Climbing Chapel Hill. All Saints Church, Haslingfield, and the Ryle Telescope in the background.

Daffodil weekend in full bloom at Thriplow.

From Thriplow we descended to the A505 and then climbed up the gentle slope to Chrishill Grange and Elmdon. On Coploe Hill we came across the tail-enders of the Head2Head London to Cambridge cycle ride for the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust.

Climbing to Chrishall Grange.

At the Ickleton Riverside Barns we met the day riders. I had some wisdom teeth removed this week, so there was nothing I could eat, and I looked enviously at the other riders’ plates. Cycling just isn’t cycling without cake!

Ickleton Riverside Barns.

The 42 miles for the afternoon were a bit too much for me with no food: I was close to bonking by the time I staggered home.

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