Wednesday, 20 April 2011

20 Apr: Evening ride to Fen Ditton

Nigel writes: Another day of unseasonably warm weather was followed by a pleasant warm evening - warm enough to attrach eight riders out for this evening's ride. Tonight's pub stop was to be in Fen Ditton, so I suggested a loop into the fens to the east of Cambridge.

We set off across Parker's Piece on our way to Midsummer Common and the river.

We then followed the river east out of Cambridge along the Jubilee Cycleway to Quy. On the way we rode through the Park and Ride site where we stopped to pose under its massive bicycle installation.

At Quy we said goodbye to a newcomer who had unfortunately not brought lights and had to turn back home. The remaining seven of us the continued to Bottisham where we turned north to Swaffham Bulbeck. Here Mike K and Conrad, who appeared to be looking for a rather more hilly ride, left the group, leaving five of us to continue to Swaffham Prior and Reach.

From Reach we headed into the fens before turning west via the bridge over Swaffham Bulbeck Lode and White Fen back to the village of Lode itself. A short ride along the B1022 took us back to Quy and a further ride along High Ditch Road took us to Fen Ditton, where four of us stopped for a drink at The Plough. After sitting beside the fiver for a pleasant half an hour we split up and returned to our respective homes.

My route home took me along the Wadloes Path, where I was impressed by the illuminated studs that had been installed along the centre of this narrow, very dark path. I was particularly impressed by the red warning lights that indicated the presence of bollards by the ride of the path.

I was back home just after 9.30pm, after having cycled 25 miles.

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  1. At Swaffham Bulbeck, Mike and I heard a distinct "turn right" which we duly obeyed, only to find, after we had crested the hill, that there was no one behind us. We went through Dullingham, Six Mile Bottom and then back on the Jubilee Cycleway.