Wednesday, 27 April 2011

27 Apr: Evening ride to Haslingfield

Nigel writes: Tonight was a clear and sunny evening, and with normal April temperatures now resumed, quite a cool one. However there were still six riders at Brookside for this evening's ride to Haslingfield: Mike K, Daniel, Conrad, John S, Gareth and me.

Our soute took us south out of Cambridge to Trumpington and Great Shelford. There we turned right for Little Shelford and the road to Whittlesford. We crossed the A505 and continued through Duxford to Ickleton. I sensed the group was somewhat frisky, and aided by a gentle tailwind we made quite a fast progress.

When we reached Ickleton we turned west onto Grange Road Ickleton. This took us past Ickleton Granges to Chrishall Grange.

At Chrishall Grange we turned north once more and crossed over the A505 once more to Fowlmere.

At Fowlmere we turned left and crossed the A10 to Shepreth. We continued to Barrington and climbed Chapel Hill before dropping back down to Haslingfield, where we stopped for a drink at The Little Rose at about 8.30pm.

After about half an hour we left the pub and returned back to Cambridge. It was now dark, the temperature had fallen markedly and it was now quite cold. I was back home by about 9.40pm, after having cycled 31 miles.

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