Sunday, 17 July 2011

17 Jul: Afternoon ride to Caxton

Jacqueline writes: The rain was doing a good imitation of a sheet as seven waterproof clad riders met for the afternoon ride today. After waiting a short time for the worst to pass we set off to Trumpington but were teased by the sun to remove our protection at the end of Cantelupe Lane. Mechanical problems delayed us a while so another shower meant that we climbed Chapel Lane with our extra layers but again the sun persuaded their removal as we turned towards Orwell.

Through Wimpole Hall, Croydon and East Hatley before a thunderstorm demanded waterproofs on, and a few minutes of shelter, but as we passed the old Gransden airports we were rewarded with the dramatic shades of blue's and greens that can only be experienced after enduring such a storm. Time was moving on and the smell of tea awaited, so a cursery glance by all but two of the group, at the 17th century windmill, as we hastily climbed to the Cross Keys. Thank you all, for your company. I hope to see again you soon. Jacqueline Mountford-Green

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