Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31 Aug; Evening ride to Barton

Ian writes: The last evening ride attracted bumper support with no less than 14 riders some of the time and generally 13 riders most of the time! Tony was waiting when I arrived followed by Mike K, Klaas, Daniel, Eva, John, Kenny, Steve, Conrad, Gareth, myself and three others. We followed a route suggested by Nigel (who was not on the ride), with Gareth putting some extra miles in, often meeting us heading in the opposite direction!

Eleven of us made it to the pub bang on time at 8.30pm with the gloom descending. Service was a little slow for some but most stopped to enjoy the cheesy chips with a beer. I bade farewell shortly before 9pm with the chips being brought out just as I was on my way. Ian Wright.

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  1. I suggested splitting the group and having fast and slow rides, but it seemed that I was the only one up for a fast ride! I did much the same route, but went via Fowlmere and Shepreth, did laps on Chapel Hill until the group caught up, and then to Bourn and back. I expected to catch you all up on the road from Comberton to Barton, but I guess I was a couple of minutes too slow. I did about 30 miles from Brookside to Barton.

    I wasn't the only one doing laps on Chapel Hill either. There was another cyclist I crossed paths with three times...