Sunday, 2 October 2011

2 Oct: Afternoon ride to Hare Street

Who would have thought that the hottest Sunday ride of the year would be in October? Not me, but thanks to a high pressure system parked over Europe and pulling in air from the Mediterranean, that's how it turned out. We had two new riders this afternoon, and they couldn't have picked a better day to join us.

The bridge where a spur of the guided busway crosses the railway near Addenbrooke's. The tower of the Church of St Mary and St Michael, Trumpington, is visible in the distance—just over a mile away.

Mike led us to Long Road, where a new path runs down to the left and joins the guided busway, providing an alternative way to get onto the DNA path. From Great Shelford we went through Whittlesford and Duxford, and took Grange Road across the top of the airfield. There was a strong south-westerly wind, making the going pretty slow. We lost a couple of riders: Steve turned back to do some gardening, and Howard didn't fancy the idea of cycling back in the dark (though he was a bit pessimistic about our speed: in fact, we made such good progress on the way back that it was still twilight when we reached Cambridge again).

The B-17 heavy bomber "Sally B" coming in to land at Duxford.

Climbing the hill to Chrishall.

Mike had an ambitious plan to get to Hare Street via Langley Lower Green, Meesden and Great Hormead, but the wind and the heat defeated us, and we went the (mile-and-a-half) shorter way via Heydon, Shaftenhoe End, and the B1368 through Barkway, getting to the Old Swan Tea Shop just on time. On the road from Barkway we met the day ride coming the other way.

After tea and cake we took the scenic route via Anstey and Nuthampstead to Barley, and then B1368 all the way back. With a tailwind and heading downhill, we made good time, and were back in Cambridge at about 18:45, about ten minutes after sunset. Probably the last Sunday afternoon ride where lights were not necessary (next week sunset will be at 18:19).

I drank a couple of pints of water when I got home. It had been hard work in the sun, but well worth it.

Memorial to the 398th Bombardment Group of the United States Army Air Force, by the Woodman pub in Nuthampstead. The aircraft depicted is a B-17.

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  1. Excellent photos! Wish I'd been able to come.