Thursday, 27 October 2011

27 Oct: Thursday ride to Swavesey and St Neots

Edward writes: Despite a none too promising morning eleven riders, including Jo who was riding with the Thursday group for the first time, came to our new meeting place in Haslingfield. This was very gratifying as we had lost the sunny days which we have all enjoyed up until now. There was a little rain but soon after we began to ride this stopped. We have to mention the wind, the ever present feature of this summer's cycling - there was none. Greta was away this week so Mike took over the leadership role.

Luckily our start was not up Chapel Hill but rather through Harlton and over the A603 to go through the Eversdens, Kingston and Bourn. This was enough to get the blood flowing and get everyone warmed up. At Bourn we carried on through the village to find Cambourn on our left and then over the A428 and take the immediate turning for Knapwell and then Boxworth. After this it was very quickly over the A14 and we soon found ourselves in Swavesey. This was our coffee stop at the increasingly popular Bethel Baptist Chapel. We received our usual warm welcome from the village ladies who this time represented the village fete committee. This is a really good stop - coffee and home made cake for £1.50 - some bargain. In Swavesey we also welcomed Jim, another rider new to the Thursday rides.

We couldn't stay here all day so we set off again and retraced our steps a little before taking the road to Fen Drayton and the edges of Fenstanton before going back over the A14 and taking the road to Hilton. Despite the dreary weather there is always something to appreciate in the countryside. The autumn trees still have plenty of colour in them and make vivid contrasts with each other. Not quite the spectacular sight when the sun is out but worth seeing nonetheless. Next up was the fairly long stretches between Graveley and Toseland where we made good progress with the light breeze on our backs and then onto the main road leading into a very busy St Neots and the Ambiance cafe which was our lunch stop, arriving about 1 pm.

After a good lunch, especially good for some, we started out again at 2 pm and made our way over the common and took the road to Abbotsley and on to Waresley. After Waresley the rain returned and was heavy drizzle all the way home. We went through the Gransdens and onto Longstowe and Bourn. The group split here, some going home via Comberton and Barton and the remainder going back via Kingston and the Eversdens. We got back to Haslingfield at 4 pm having covered 53 miles. Our thanks go to Mike for a splendid ride. Edward Elmer

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