Friday, 7 October 2011

6 Oct: Thursday ride to Ashwell and Sandy

Edward writes: This Thursday was a stark contrast to last Thursday and far more seasonal weather and emphatically rammed home by a stiff wind which was to accompany us all the way to Sandy. This morning things were different: we met at the green beside Haslingfield Church where David has had a seat erected in memory of Joan. This is a wonderful tribute to Joan and this will be our meeting point on all future rides from Haslingfield. It was particularly nice to see Bob and Myrtle who, although not riding, came over for the start of our ride.

Our ride started with a climb up Chapel Hill and into Barrington where we turned right to go to Orwell and into the teeth of the wind and progress was slow requiring one or two stops to keep the group together. After Orwell we rode along the A603 until the turning to Wendy and thence to Shingay. Again, a long stretch of headwind riding until we reached the Steeple Morden turn followed by our coffee stop in Ashwell.

The stop in Ashwell was a welcome break and we sat on the little green to enjoy our cake and coffee/tea. After leaving Ashwell we took the road to Eyeworth. This is a long four mile ride and fortunately the wind came from over our shoulder in the angle between 8 0'clock and 10 0'clock. It was also interesting to note that the new hedge on this road has been planted so as to protect from the west - good to see an outbreak of common sense! After Eyeworth we crossed the Potton road and made for Dunton and then for a little way along Carthagena Road where we entered off-road territory. This was at least a mile through woods so should be of interest to the off-road boys. This brought us out on the road which leads into Sandy where we had our lunch break.

After lunch, at Gunn's cafe in the town centre we retraced our route out of Sandy to arrive at Gamlingay. As can be imagined progress was rapid with the wind behind us. In fact in the next hour of cycling we covered seventeen miles. Our route after Gamlingay was Gransden and Longstowe followed by Bourn, Kingston and the Eversdens. We quickly arrived back at Haslingfield, Harston and Hauxton where the ride finished. In football parlance a ride of two halves, the afternoon felt like a well-deserved reward for the all the effort expended in the morning. As ever our thanks to Greta for another good day out. We covered 49 miles. Edward Elmer

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