Wednesday, 2 November 2011

1 Nov: Senior ride to Orwell

Peter writes: Vic called at my place about 10.00am and we decided to ride to Great Gransden Shop for coffee, via Cambourne and Caxton. When we reached the Bourn turn we left over the bridge. There was a lady cyclist with a trailer, in front of us as we went down the far side of the bridge. She turned acroos the road and took the old farm road into Cambourne. We decided to follow her as she would know that route into Cambourne. As I had not been that way before, I had no idea where we actually were in Cambourne. Eventually we came to a sign “Back Lane”, which I recognised. We carried on to the Police Station and then left and right to the High Street. We then took Crowdene Lane to Caxton.

Crowdene Lane

We did a right and left into St Peter's Street and Gransden Road. Arriving at the shop we bought our coffee and met a couple of cyclist's. One of our club members and the other a local man with a recumbent. After coffee we proceeded to Little Gransden and the road toward Gamlingay, turning left at the top of the hill toward Hatley St George. Down Croydon hill to the main road then left to New Wimpole and Orwell. We met up with George, Clive and John for lunch, being joined later by Adrian and Mike S. After lunch I went home via Barrington, Harston, Haslingfield and Harlton. At Harlton, I looked up a former member of the computer group (which I have organised for the last 23 years) and had a long chat and cup of tea with him. After that I carried on through Comberton to home.

I had cycled 34 miles.

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