Thursday, 3 November 2011

3 Nov: Thursday ride to Lode and Newmarket

Edward writes: This Thursday started off overcast but very mild, and as is often the case, the forecast of bad weather of only two days ago did not materialise. This didn't put off any of the Thursday riders who probably realise by now that this is South Cambridgeshire and we don't do rain even if it's forecast. Thus we had another good turnout in Hauxton and by the time we reached Anglesey Abbey grew again to maybe fifteen or sixteen cyclists. Doug was once again at Greta's house having cycled up from Stevenage to join the ride, and of course would have to cycle back at the end of the ride.

Anglesey Abbey

This week, by way of a change, we went through Great Shelford towards Lime Kiln Hill and then took the road over the Gogs to Fulbourn. A good hill to get the heart beat into a good rhythm. After Fulbourn we took the road to the Wilbrahams and then over the A14 and A1303 into Bottisham. For the Thursday group this made a nice change as we don't often come this way. Once through Bottisham it was down to Lode and Anglesey Abbey for our coffee stop. This is a pleasant stop but provided a sharp price comparison to the volunteer ladies at Swavesey of last week and their home made cakes.

Off Heath Road Burwell

As has been mentioned the group had nearly doubled in size but we were all able to sit down and enjoy our cake and coffee, the Abbey not being so busy at this time of the year. When we started again we went via Swaffham Bulbeck and then Swaffham Prior where we turned off the main road and went to Reach and then Burwell. Although this was quite a breezy day we seemed to have a back wind for most of the trip until we went along Heath Road which leads out of Burwell to Exning when it blew from our right hand side. It's a pity that most of the hedges have been eliminated from this area as this would have given us much needed protection. At Jacob's prompting we turned off Heath Road and took a delightful off road route (see photo) with fine views and this took us into Exning; this was much better than going by road. After Exning we made our way into Newmarket via Hamilton Road which skirts the racecourse and then to our lunch stop at the Horseracing Museum.

Road Works

After lunch we started again about 1 pm, bearing in mind we have less daylight now, and headed out of Newmarket by taking the road to Dullingham. Outside Dullingham we turned left and made our way across country to join the Brinkley to Six Mile Bottom road and enjoyed the fast down hill to the level crossing, the A11 and the road to the Wilbrahams. By now the group had shrunk in size as riders dropped off at various points to head back to Cambridge, including John F and Jacob who did their usual off road bit to Great Wilbraham. Next was Fulbourn, back over the Gogs the way we went out in the morning, but this time going through the hospital to take the DNA cycle way back to Great Shelford and then on to Hauxton where the ride ended. Our usual thanks to Greta. We covered 47 miles. Edward Elmer

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