Saturday, 3 December 2011

3 Dec: Introductory ride to Cottenham

Julia writes: So much for popular demand... After our last Saturday ride, which saw no less than 14 riders at Brookside, and with the forecast being for lots of sunshine again, I expected to find a respectable number of people to be already assembled at the meeting point when Ian and I turned up just a few minutes before the official start time. But far from it. Had Ian not been the leader of this ride, I would have presumed I had got the time wrong and that we had missed the group - there was nobody at all waiting at our bench! OK, the morning had started rather dull and cloudy, but surely that would not put people off? Just as we were wondering whether we would indeed be on our own for this ride, we were joined by Averil - who was just as surprised as we were. Perhaps everybody else was busy with their Christmas shopping? We decided to wait a few minutes in case some people were just a bit late, and sure enough, a few more riders soon turned into Brookside and stopped near us. I did not know them and for a brief moment wondered whether they had indeed come to join our ride, but no - the racing bikes and sporty clothing soon made it clear that these were more "serious" cyclists, probably belonging to the Cambridge University Cycling Club.

So it was really just the three of us, but we did not let that stop us and set off for a lovely ride, along the river to Waterbeach and via Landbeach to Cottenham, where we stopped at the Community Centre for coffee and scones. On the way back we went to Westwick and Oakington, picked up the busway path and followed it all the way to the Science Park in Cambridge. I had noticed earlier that I had lost one of my gloves on the tow path by the river, so we then diverted via Milton, through the Country Park, back to the river and retraced our route past Baits Bite Lock to the Green Dragon bridge. The glove was found, and we were back home just after 1 o'clock. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride and am looking forward to the next one. Julia Hochbach

Start at Brookside

Riverside - our whole group in the photo!

On the tow path near Fen Ditton

We passed Waterbeach church just before 11 o'clock

Arrival at Cottenham Community Centre

Community Centre interior

The busway between Oakington and Histon, complete with guided bus

Busway near Histon

Milton Country Park

The lost and found glove

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