Sunday, 1 January 2012

1 Jan: Afternoon ride to Anglesey Abbey

Conrad writes: I arrived at Brookside to find three other riders : Jacob, John and John from Royston. Today's coffee stop was in Cherry Hinton but Jacob and the others had already agreed on an alternative coffee stop at Anglesey Abbey, which would allow a longer ride to get more miles in. Jacob and John had decided on a route through Bottisham, Upware and the Fens up to Wicken Fen before coming back through the Fens and to Lode.

The weather was downcast to begin with but it started to rain when we reached the Fens. Thankfully, the wind was not that strong when we were cycling through the exposed Fens. although much of the surface was wet and muddy, which served as a useful reminder to me to re-attach my rear mudguards.

We reached Anglesey Abbey at 4pm and after some very welcome coffee and cake, we started on the ride back to Cambridge via Stow cum Quy and the Jubilee Cycleway. John had to catch a train back to Royston but Jacob and John were kind enough to follow me home to see the first Cambridge CTC member circa 2024 (actual date depends on prevailing club policy at the time). Conrad Chua

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