Thursday, 19 January 2012

19 Jan: Thursday ride to Toft and Gamlingay

Edward writes: This Thursday only five riders met at Haslingfield Green, which was something of a surprise as the early morning rain had stopped and, although still overcast, very little wind. In Greta's absence it was the turn of Tony H to step forward and assume the mantle of ride leader. Although only five we set off towards Barton in very pleasant cycling conditions. In Barton we turned right towards Cambridge and when we had gone over the M11 we turned left and made our way towards Coton.

After Coton we quickly crossed the busy Madingley Road, over the A428 and into Madingley itself. We continued along the country lane until we arrived in Dry Drayton, and here we turned left to go back up to the point where the road crosses the A428. This brought us to Hardwick where we took the road to Toft. We should mention here the sorry state of the hedgerows in Hardwick, in fact the amount of litter in the hedgerows is nothing short of disgusting and a sad reflection on the authorities concerned, notwithstanding how it got there in the first place. Maybe next time we cycle through here a little pride in the village will be evident as it's so dispiriting to see this sort of thing. It was a pleasure to continue our journey downhill to reach Toft and the Meridian Golf Club.

Meridian Golf Club, Toft

At the golf club our numbers more than doubled and it was a pleasure to see a more regular sized Thursday group again, not only that the weather began to look more promising. The coffee break was very enjoyable, this being the first visit to this club for the Thursday group (maybe!). When we started again we went back into Toft followed by Bourn which took us on to the undulating stretch up to Caxton.

Between Bourn and Caxton

Along here the sun had got out thus making for very pleasant riding. In Caxton we crossed over our old friend the A1198 before starting the trip up to Great Gransden. From Gransden we made our way out to the B1040, which we crossed and this began a loop round Abbotsley which would bring us to Gamlingay via Gamlingay Cinques.



Our lunch stop was The Cock, a pub we have often used before, and already there was Mike S and Bob a cyclist from Sandy. Whilst we were in the pub the weather outside turned a little unpleasant as one or two showers passed over. However, by the time an enjoyable lunch break was over the rain clouds had cleared and we were back to sunny spells. Our return journey took us through the Hatleys, again in bright sunshine, all the way to the Croydon and Arrington turning.

Between Orwell and Barrington

The sun over the countryside to our right gave a splendid view and reminds us of one of the many reasons why these days out are so enjoyable. After Arrington we went over the A1198 and into the Wimpole Estate which was very quiet, and then on to Orwell followed by Barrington and Chapel Hill and back into Haslingfield.


Our thanks to Tony for a splendid ride. We covered 42 miles.Edward Elmer

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  1. Still struggling to get up early enough and into a proper riding routine since Christmas & New Year, so apologies for not joining you until coffee - and for leaving you again before lunch (although I took mostly the same route as you did, from near Gamlingay back to Whittlesford via Wimpole). I managed 4 hours in the saddle with only a couple of brief showers so thanks for your company everyone & to Tony for leading us - Michael B.