Thursday, 26 January 2012

26 Jan: Thursday ride to Horseheath and Dullingham

Edward writes: This Thursday it was the turn of Rupert to take the helm and lead us on our weekly jaunt into the countryside. At Hauxton eight cyclists met and the weather was true to the forecast; the rain overnight had abated and, although a little overcast, the promise was some sunny intervals and maybe a shower or two, and so it turned out.

We left Hauxton through Little Shelford and then on to Whittlesford where Mike B was waiting to join us at the lane that leads to the church and subsequently to the still newly built cycle path that leads to Sawston. We rode down Mill Lane, over the High Street and into Babraham Road and quickly on to the other new cycle path that leads to Babraham. We normally turn left at this point and go over the cycle bridge to Abington but Rupert needed to do some surveying of sorts. So on this occasion we turned right towards the A505, and this meant stopping to look at the route of the former railway which crosses here with a view, he hopes, of it becoming a cycle way. A little optimistic, I think.


When we left here we came to the A505 and went along it for half mile or so to the point where you can branch off to get to Abington via Pampisford station. Again we stopped for a little more survey work. We now got going in earnest and made our way to the A1307 and crossed it into Hildersham and then turning right to take the road into Linton. In Linton we went via the recreation ground and came out on the main road through the village and back up to the A1307. It was over this road and the climb up to Hadstock which was followed by Bartlow. It needs to be recorded here that we crossed the route of the former Cambridge to Haverhill railway line seven times to this point. It sounds like a competition to see who can devise a cycle ride that crosses a railway the most times - must be a closed railway, though. Putting things railway behind us we could now concentrate on the main business of the day, cycling.

Which way?

After leaving Bartlow we then headed for Shudy Camps and already the skies had cleared and we were starting to get bright sunshine. After Shudy Camps it was Mill Green and to a junction with a sign that points to Horseheath, but not apparently the road to take and this led to some differences of opinions as to which way to go, Some turned the way the sign had indicated but had to turn back as that would have led to some distance on the A1307, thus justifying the decision of our leader that the correct way was his way. Anyway, it was but a short distance to bring us to the ever-welcoming Old Red Lion Inn at Horseheath. This was about 11.30 and twenty miles so a coffee break was especially welcome.

Leaving Horsheath

We curtailed our break to half an hour and were on our way again by mid-day. We left Horsheath and took in Streetley End, where Mike B wheeled off and headed for home, and then on to West Wickham. This took us on to the open road which leads to Carlton, but we turned off before Carlton and headed for Weston Colville. In this village we met Ian D and he joined us for the rest of the day. Now followed the most delightful part of the journey. The sun was out and Rupert had devised a stunning route round some of the lesser roads and the countryside really looked wonderful. To help matters along the breeze, such as it was, was nearly always on our backs. This took us all too quickly to Dullingham and our lunch stop at The Boot where Eva was already waiting.

Weston Colville

Between Weston Colville and Dullingham

After lunch the weather took a turn for the worse. We took the road via Dullingham station to head for the A1304, but on our way down we ran into a hailstorm which, with the wind now in our faces, was stinging our faces and we endured an uncomfortable ride. It was soon over and we then took the road to Swaffham Bulbeck which, it's nice to report had daffodils out. After Swaffham Bulbeck we headed for Bottisham where the ride ended as some turned towards Cambridge and others went home via the Wilbrahams and Fulbourn. Our thanks to Rupert for a well thought-out route. To this point we covered 38 miles. Edward Elmer

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  1. I have to say I enjoyed our 'railway' survey outing immensely and look forward to more rides of this nature, perhaps including former track beds/rail routes when weather permits. Sorry I missed some of the delights of the Newmarket area countryside showcased in bright sunshine on the way to Dullingham as I had to explore a more homeward route.
    Thanks Rupert & companions for a most pleasant few hours (great photos too,Edward) - Michael B.

  2. That last photo ("Between Weston Colville and Dullingham") is really splendid.