Thursday, 9 February 2012

9 Feb: Thursday ride to Nuthampstead and Braughing

Ian writes: (but see update from Edward below):I opted to meet the day ride at the coffee stop this morning. The roads from Foxton through to Fowlmere and the A505 were reasonably clear with the odd iced-over puddle at the sides of the road. The climb up to Barley was also reasonably trouble-free, with a merciful lack of wind, though the snow in the fields had now turned to mainly white rather than the sparse patches of snow in the lower fields closer to home.

From Barley, I opted for the very minor road rather than stay on the B1368. On the face of it, all seem perfectly passable. However, there were patches that had been shaded and these were hard packed snow and sheet ice right across the road. In all, it was necessary to get off and push/ skate a total of 4 times. Thankfully all of this was on the flat: on the steeper slopes I might have had to turn around.

This made me late for coffee at the Woodman, Nuthampsead, where I arrived to find half a dozen riders who seemed to have had a better time of it on the slightly more major roads.

The Woodman (photo: Edward Elmer)

After coffee I decided not to continue on to lunch with the other riders, happy that I'd had a blast out.

I took the quickest route to Barkway for the ride home: straight down the B1368. This which was in a better state, though caution needed to be used at all times since you never knew when you could hit an icy patch.

All in all, the ride was mostly doable, though the most minor roads were what I'd personally consider to be unreasonably hazardous for a group ride. Ian Driver

Edward adds: The five who went out were Mick C, Tony H, Richard, Averil and me. It was certainly a raw day. We saw a hen harrier and a little owl in the snow. We did 45 miles.

Four of the five (photo: Edward Elmer)

(photo: Edward Elmer)

(photo: Edward Elmer)

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  1. Well done to the hardy who braved the elements & enjoyed some fresh(if not freezing)air on the Thursday run. Ventured out my back door this morning(Sunday 12th)and went flying on to my back grazing my bare arms & hip, due to drizzle frozen into black ice on the garden path. Decided not to go out on the bike, although had been out earlier in week but could not stand cold for much more than an hour!Super pix, Ian/Ed, brrr. Liked the welcoming cosy log fire pictured.
    Michael B.