Saturday, 17 March 2012

17 Mar: Introductory ride to Cottenham

Tina writes: All the weather forecasts this week had predicted a damp weekend and sure enough the morning started with a brisk shower, though by the time I reached Brookside the rain had stopped. Clive was already waiting and we were soon joined by Ian W, David and Finn, but grey skies had clearly deterred any newbies.

We set off across Parker's Piece, continuing over Midsummer Common, along Riverside and across the river at the Green Dragon Bridge to join the northbound river towpath. Beyond Horningsea, the towpath was quiet and we only overtook a handful of dog walkers and runners, though a few ducks and coots splashed noisily into the river at our approach. Looking across to gardens on the opposite bank, yellow daffodils provided a cheerful splash of colour and blackthorn trees were laced in white blossom.

Just before Clayhithe I had a puncture (luckily front wheel) but 10 minutes later (no match for Mick's record-breaking repairs!) we were on our way, cycling along the road to Waterbeach. Turning right just outside the village brought us out opposite the road to Landbeach and as the A10 wasn't too busy we were able to cross quickly. From Landbeach, we took a left turn to Cottenham and were coming into the village just as it was starting to spot lightly with rain.

The Community Centre, formerly a Methodist church, is located on the High Street and is open Monday-Saturday serving good quality coffee, home-made cakes, sandwiches, jacket potatoes etc between 10am & 2pm. It was already quite busy and we had to squeeze on to two small tables to chat over our scones and cakes.

It was raining lightly as we set off southwards from the village towards Westwick and turned left just before Oakington along the guided busway. For once there was no headwind but it rained steadily all the way back to Cambridge. After crossing Milton Road, we turned down Green End Road, back along Water Street to cross the river at the Green Dragon Bridge. Ian, Clive, David and Finn all headed home, while I retraced our earlier route back into town.

Thanks to everyone for their company and despite today's rain and grey skies, flowers and budding trees show that Spring is definitely in the air! Total distance: 20 miles. Tina Filby

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  1. Well done! I saw the rain and decided I preferred a quiet morning at home (in sock knitting mode... :)