Sunday, 18 March 2012

18 Mar: Afternoon ride to Waresley

Ian writes: Todays afternoon ride was to the ever popular Waresley Park Garden Centre Café. First things first, the Weather report. Sunshine and showers for the afternoon, rain possibly becoming persistent towards 3 o’clock. Tea was scheduled for 3:30. Only one thing for it, straight there route and if the weathers OK, do a nice loop at the café end, if the weathers lousy, early tea.

5 other riders were at Brookside hiding under a tree as the first shower of the day had begun, except for Mike K who was relaxing on the bench resolutely ignoring a little bit of rain. It soon passed and we headed of along the Barton road to take a right turn through Comberton. The wind was noticeable with a chill to it from a Northerly direction.

Onward to Bourn on the B1064 and a right turn to take you up to Caxton. The rain had done little to increase the flow in the ford and the whole group chose to ride through. The second shower of the ride soon came and went without too much damage.

From Caxton you are soon past the windmill and arriving at the Gransdens. It was only three o’clock and the shower had passed, so we decided on the Abbotsley loop. Just past the church in Abbotsley, the sky started to look really quite angry. A quick unanimous vote was take by everyone in the group except the ride leader J and off to tea they headed with me chasing after, just before the heaviest shower of the day set in. Not daft this lot. We arrived just as it began to rain properly.

Tea was up to its usual high standard. The café was busy, presumably as it was Mothers Day, the day ride arrived at about the same time giving a good number at tea.

On the return home, the riders rearranged groups and I headed of with Tina and Mike S to the South Cambs area where we all live. Gamlingay and the Hatleys being the preferred route. The sun had come out now giving us a very pleasant ride home with the yellow of Daffodils really shining through in the afternoon light.

I left the others to pass through Croydon and then the grounds of Wimpole Hall. It’s Lambing time right now. If you can pass by in the next couple of weeks, do so.

I was home by 18:30 with 43.79 miles on the clock. Ian Driver

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  1. You don't get proper rain down here....:-)