Wednesday, 14 March 2012

"Your Community - Your Speed Limit"

The County Council's new "Your Community - Your Speed Limit" policy enables Parish Councils to change the speed limits provided that they are prepared to fund them. Parish councils are now using this new policy to submit Proposed Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) that propose reduced speed limits.

Barton Parish Council has submitted a set of TRO proposals:
  1. Implement a 40 mph speed limit on the length of New Road (B1046) that is currently national speed limit.
  2. Implement a 40 mph speed limit on Cambridge Road from a point 277 metres north east of its junction with New Road to a point 945 metres south west of this junction.
  3. Implement a 30mph speed limit through the village where there is currently a 40 mph speed limit.
  4. Implement a 50 mph speed limit on Wimpole Road from a point 274 metres west of its junction with Haslingfield Road in a westerly direction for a distance of 800 metres.
Great & Little Eversden Parish Council has submitted one TRO proposal:
  1. Reduce the speed limit to 30 mph on the main roads through the two villages which are currently subject to a 40 mph speed limit.
We strongly support these proposed reductions in speed limits. There is a large body of evidence that shows that speed reduction is the single most effective method to reduce deaths and injuries to cyclists and pedestrians. It also makes the village environment more pleasant.

You can help. Why not contact your local parish councillors and encourage more of our local parish councils to take advantage of this "Your Community - Your Speed Limit" policy.

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