Friday, 20 April 2012

Rides in June

In our June rides list we hope you'll notice our big new feature. Rides lists now include a ride grade and an estimated mileage for most of the rides. See here for a description of the various gradings.

We are using this new feature to distinguish two different Sunday all-day rides on the 3rd and 17th of June. On both days there is a longer challenging all-day ride alongside the usual moderate all-day ride. So if you want a bit more of a challenge over the summer, then why not try out the longer ride (but do note the earlier start time of 08:30am). Please help us to trial this new idea by choosing your ride to suit your ability and also by supporting both the all-day leaders. On both days, the afternoon ride is the usual moderate ride and all three rides meet up for tea.

For the rest of the Sunday rides, we continue with the usual mix of destinations, aiming to go a bit further afield for tea to take advantage of the long evenings. This means we can revisit those wonderful Church Hall teas in Braughing and Wicken. There's also a special train-assisted ride on the 24th June which will take the train to Kings Lynn and ride back via Ely.

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