Wednesday, 30 May 2012

30 May: Evening ride to St Ives

Peter writes: My heart sank as I looked out at the rain pelting down shortly before 6pm, but as it had more or less gone off by 6.15 I headed out to Brookside.

There were four of us – Andrew, John, Tiia and myself. As we decided on our route the sun came out and I realised it was very warm! Jackets tucked into bags we set off across Midsummer Common and up Arbury Road to the Kings Hedges extension of the guided busway. We had a glorious, leisurely ride into the sunset up to St Ives and a drink at the Golden Lion, where Mike K was waiting for us.

Afterwards we all headed back down the busway as the sun set, with Tiia setting a fast pace.

I arrived at home at around 9.45 after cycling 30 miles. Peter Hutchison

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