Thursday, 14 June 2012

14 Jun: Thursday ride to Ashdon and Kedington

Edward writes: In the lottery of the type of day we are likely to have today we came out with first prize. It was warm and sunny accompanied by a fairly stiff southerly breeze encouraging most people to don their shorts. At least the hard work would be done in the morning with the prospect of the wind on our backs for the return journey in the afternoon. Fourteen set out from Hauxton, seen off by Greta, and without planning, two separate groups formed and this set the tone for the day which at times became a bit fragmented. We left Hauxton for Little Shelford and Whittlesford. From here we crossed into Sawston by way of the cycle path and then onto Babraham, also by way of the cycle path. It was then through the farm and over the cycle/footbridge and into Gt Abington. The first and largest group went through Gt Abington and over the A1307 to go via Hildersham and the back road of Linton, thus bringing us out on to another crossing of the A1307 for the run up to Barlow where we turned right for the climb up to Ashdon and our coffee stop.


Coffee was to be taken on the green but we discovered that the little shop dispensed beverages from a machine so most people took advantage and bought coffee in the shop. Some had gone on to the museum and sat outside there, whilst others milled around in the village. By now the second group had joined up with the first group bringing us together for the first time.



After coffee it was decided to formally have two groups and two separate routes for Kedington. The first group would take the planned route which was expected to be about twenty miles, whilst Mick C volunteered to lead the second group on a shorter route via Haverhill to Kedington. After coffee we left Asdon via Steventon End and then via Camps End which brought us to Helions Bumpstead followed by Steeple Bumstead. What followed was a delightfully rural trip via Stambourne and Ridgewell and then on to Ashen, Boyton End, Stoke by Clare and finally Kedington. The wild flowers on show included white and pink campion, mallow and an abundance of poppies making for a very pleasant ride.

We took lunch at the Barnardiston Arms. Having phoned ahead to warn them of an invasion of cyclists, they seemed well prepared. The first group led by Mick C had already arrived and were soon being served with their lunch. For lunch we all sat out in the garden taking advantage of the warm sunshine.


During lunch Peter W, who had joined us Ashdon, very kindly invited us to tea at his house in West Wratting. Thus we left Kedington and made for Great Wratting and Withersfield and after about eight miles we arrived at Peter’s house.

As we have come to expect, Lesley had prepared a lovely display of cakes to go with the cups of tea. Our thanks to them both for their warm hospitality.

West Wratting

After tea, once again the group separated as some left early whilst the remainder stayed to enjoy sitting out in the garden. The final route home was through Balsham and then the long downhill to Hildersham, over the A1307 and into Gt Abington, over the cycle bridge and into Sawston. It was just a short hop from there to Hauxton by way for Gt Shelford. This was a total of 57 miles, and the following breeze for the afternoon didn’t disappoint. Edward Elmer

Photos 1,3,4,8,9 by Edward Elmer. Photos 2,5,6,7,9,10-15 by Lynn Brown

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