Saturday, 16 June 2012

16th Jun: Saturday morning ride to Coton.

Eva writes: Usually my cycle journey from Waterbeach to Brookside takes half an hour but today with a very strong headwind to contend with it took considerably longer. As I battled against the elements I was concerned that the route I had chosen would be too exposed to the wind and I racked my brains to come up with some alternative, more sheltered routes for this morning’s ride.

There were four other riders at Brookside, Nigel, Angela, David and Finn. We had a brief discussion about possible routes and decided to head out on the Barton Road which gave us several options depending on the wind direction. The headwind was very apparent on this part of our journey, so we decided to turn towards Barton which was rather less exposed than my planned route to Haslingfield.

From Barton we cycled through Comberton and continued on to Toft. On the whole the sun was warm and our route was pleasant with the wind causing us very few problems. At times the sky looked a little dark but luckily we escaped rain. At Toft we turned left in to a quiet lane which led us past the church, where we discovered a beautiful, colourful display of flowers which looked so pretty in the sunshine.

From Toft we continued on our undulating route to Bourn and then began heading back towards Cambridge on the old A428 via Hardwick and the cycle path along Madingley Road. With a tailwind assisting our journey we arrived at Polhill Garden Centre at 11.45, looking forward to a well earned rest. After a very pleasant half an hour of drinking and chatting we headed back to Cambridge on the Coton footpath, going our separate ways at Grange Road having cycled approximately 20 miles.
Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable ride. Eva Aldritt

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