Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 Jun: Evening ride to Thriplow

Nigel writes: This evening's ride was a fast and exhilarating loop through the hills along the Cambridgeshire/Essex border, possibly my best Wednesday ride so far this year. Joining me at Brookside on this hot, sultry and overcast evening were Pete H, Paul, Rob, John F, John E, Tony and Graham.

I warned the group I was hoping for a slightly longer ride than we had been having recently, and we were off, down Trumpington Road and Shelford Road to get to Great Shelford the fastest way possible. The pace was fast, but every time I looked behind me most of the group was right behind me, and a pause by the War Memorial in Great Shelford allowed the remainder to catch up.

We continued to Little Shelford, Whittlesford and Duxford where we stopped once more to reunite.

We continued south to Ickleton and climbed Coploe Hill.

After descending the hill to the Royston Lane crossroads we went three separate ways. Paul took a short cut along Royston Lane, John E turned left for a longer route via Littlebury, and the rest of us pressed on south to Catmere End.

The pace stayed nice and fast as we dropped down the other side, turned right to Littlebury Green and dropped down to the B1039. We followed this for a short distance before turning back north for the climb back up to Elmdon.

From Elmdon it was mostly downhill to Chishill Grange and from there on the level to Fowlmere and Thriplow, where we stopped for a drink at The Green Man. Paul was already there waiting for us. It was only 8.20pm. Unfortunately there was no food available as the chef was ill, but the beer was very good and we sat outside for half an hour with drinks and crisps.

At about 8.45pm we were ready to set off for home. As we rpepared to leave John E arrived looking very satisfied after his rather longer ride and ready for a drink.

The final stage home was still fairly fast, though Newton and Little and Great Shelford and then along the DNA path and busway cycleway back to the station. I arrived back home at 9.20pm, the sky still light, having cycled an excellent 34 miles. We're not a racing club and don't usually pay much attention to speed, but today's moving average speed was 15.6 mph.

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  1. Thanks for the extra challenge last night Nigel, it was a really nice route with the hills. It was interesting that the midges seemed to reduce in numbers for the homeward section.

    My legs feel like they had some use this morning but I think quick evening rides are a great way of staying "in tune". Graham