Wednesday, 18 July 2012

18 Jul: Evening ride to Newton

Nigel writes: This evening was warm and humid, with a threat of rain later. The sky was overcast but with just enough hint of brightness to bring out five riders for tonight's ride to Newton: Tiia, John E, Andrew, newcomer Marc and me.

After a short delay to adjust Tiia's brakes we set off south down Trumpington Road. We turned left onto Porson Road, our usual short-cut down to Long Road and the busway cycleway, where we met Chris coming the other way. Chris turned to join us and we were now six.

This evening's route was an old favourite: through the Shelfords to Whittlesford, Duxford and Ickleton before climbing Coploe Hill for our customary rest and photograph.

We continued south to Catmere End. From here we took a loop south through Littlebury Green and Elmdon before returning north to Chrishall Grange, Fowlmere and our pub stop in Newton. The whole ride was taken at an enjoyably rapid pace, though our delayed departure together with a stop for Marc to mend a puncture meant we arrived at the pub slightly later than planned at 8.50pm. Here we were reunited with John F who had separated from us near Whittlesford.

The whole ride so far had been free of rain, though there was plenty of water on the roads and we could see heavy rain on the horizon. By the time we left the pub the rain had arrived, though it was fairly light (much less than a week ago) and wasn't a problem. I arrived home at 10.10pm having cycled 32 miles.

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