Saturday, 20 October 2012

20 Oct: Saturday morning ride to Coton

Tina writes: It was a foggy start to the morning, but undeterred by the chill in the air, five riders gathered at Brookside - Liz, Angela, Phil, Michael and leader Tina. We headed off down Fen Causeway, cutting through to the Barton Road cycle path and westward out of Cambridge alongside the A603.

Just past the M11 and rifle ranges, we turned up past Burwash Manor Barns and using cycle paths where available, followed the B1046 through Comberton and Toft, detouring left down Church Lane to enjoy a brief interlude from the main road. Trees along the hedgerows were looking ever more autumnal with butter yellow limes, coppery beeches and the occasional maple a colourful medley of red, gold and brown.

Michael was due to leave us at the Kingston turn and I slowed down intending to say our goodbyes before the junction, but hadn't clearly communicated and a mini pile-up ensued - sorry Phil and Liz. Phil sustained a cut knee and bruises, but gamely decided to continue on. We took the next right to Caldecote and pedalled determinedly up the long hill, until the road flattened out through Highfields village to join St Neots Road. After negotiating two large but luckily quiet roundabouts, we were soon on the downward run to Madingley, past the American Cemetery and reaching the Coton road around 11.45am.

Polhill garden centre was fairly quiet and we sat inside 'spending' our 240 calorie allowance (according to Phil's computer!) and enjoying our coffee and cakes. After a pleasant half hour chatting, we set off back along the Coton path and on into Cambridge, dodging the crowds of tourists mingling with gowned graduates along the way. Total distance: approx 18 miles. Tina Filby

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