Sunday, 16 December 2012

16 Dec: Ride to Christmas lunch

(Photos added) Nigel writes: Today was the day of the club's Christmas Lunch at the George and Dragon in Elsworth, which meant a later start and a more leisurely pace than usual. The weather was good for mid-December: dry, sunny, still and relatively mild: perfect conditions for a gentle and convivial ride.

I was the leader today, and led out group of ten north-west out of Cambridge along Huntington Road to Girton. After passing through the village we turned right towards Histon.

Just before we reached Histon we turned left onto the busway cycleway.

This cycleway is perfect for riding and chatting, so ideal for a ride like this. As we rode along, several buses sped past on the guideway, crammed full of christmas shoppers heading into town. I, however, was very happy to be heading in completely the opposite direction.

When we reached Swavesey we turned left into the village before turning right to Fen Drayton and Fenstanton. We crossed over the A14 and continued through Conington.

A few minutes later we arrived at our destination: the George and Dragon in Elsworth. There were several members already waiting and we were soon joined by several more.

After a most enjoyable Christmas lunch we returned back to Cambridge. I rode back with a group of about six through Knapwell and Bourn and into Cambridge along the B1046. I arrived back home at 4pm, the sun having just set, having cycled 36 miles.

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